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The SSL Apocalypse

A change in Google’s policies could show your site as insecure to customers and clients Before I continue,  let me concede that referring to this as an “apocalypse” is a bit of a hyperbole and possibly a bit “click-baity” as a title. However, I did this because I felt it necessary to ensure you read […]

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Check out our Pinterest Page

Have you visited our Pinterest page lately?! We have boards for all things social media and marketing! Visit for tips regarding: Facebook Increase engagement Facebook Live Content ideas Facebook Messenger Marketing tips Twitter Hashtags Retweets Getting more followers Marketing tips Getting more clicks Instagram Best times to post Social plans Instagram Stories Getting more followers […]

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How to Use Hashtags Effectively

Did you know that hashtags have become so ingrained in our culture, that the word was added to the Oxford dictionary in 2010? Although everyone is using them, few people actually know how to use them correctly. Hashtags are the most popular way of designating and classifying content on social media. It makes your own […]

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