Carolina Country Music Festival

So you’re going to have a 3 day country music festival in Myrtle Beach with today’s top country artists? And you need help building your brand and event from the ground up? Yep, we can do that!

The Logo

We created the CCMF logo with the idea of bringing the beach and country music together through the font, colors and design elements.

The country music ties include the guitar head, the red, white and dark blue colors, the belt buckle outline, the font of “Country Music” and the star separating “Country” and “Music” as well as the city and state. The beach themes include the palmetto trees, the dark and light blue ocean swirl designs on each side of “Carolina,” the red ocean/sun design beneath the word “Carolina” and the light blue color used throughout.

The colors of red, white and blue (like the American flag) were chosen to represent Country music’s pride of American culture. The light blue represents the ocean and beach themes of the festival.



On-site signage, billboards, web ads, print ads, emailers, social media artwork, website – we did it all! After the logo was approved, it was time to get the “look” of the festival perfected. Everything from textures, colors and fonts to the photography choices were carefully planned by our designers to communicate CCMF’s main ideas and goals clearly and effectively to their target audience.

Public Relations

With over 30 of country music’s biggest artists in one location, the media was all over this event! Prior to the CCMF weekend, we drafted, edited and distributed press releases, organized press conferences in Myrtle Beach and verified media inquiries. Once we arrived at the event, the hard work began! The WhirlWinders distributed media packets and credentials to pre-approved media personnel and assisted in getting them where they needed to be for interviews, introductions and for 3 full days!

Social Media

An effective social media strategy accomplishes the goals of your client. For Carolina Country Music Festival, we posted engaging content to get guests pumped for CCMF and drive ticket sales. Artist announcements got people really excited, as did holding contests with chances to win meet and greets, ticket upgrades and other awesome prizes. Honoring CCMF’s sponsors was especially important for this client; as they made deals for shout outs and posts, it was our responsibility to work them into our schedule and spin them in a fun way for CCMF fans.


Why do people love t-shirts, hats and apparel in general? Well, it’s kinda like an automatic badge of honor. It shows people where you’ve been, what you like and a little bit about who you are without even having to say a word. So, when we went to design apparel for CCMF, we knew we needed something trendy and fresh, yet still country-beach-chic. From tank tops and tees, to hoodies and winter hats, we designed everything a CCMF’er could possibly need throughout the year.

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