Mary Jo’s Cloth Store

Mary Jo’s Cloth Store, a 32,000 sq. foot fabric store mecca tucked away in the foothills of North Carolina, was once one of the state’s best kept secrets – until WhirlWind Creative stepped in! Founded in 1951 by Margaret Cloninger in the back of her father’s grocery store, MJ’s has become one of the largest fabric stores in the Southeast and services clients from all across the globe ranging from do-it-yourself moms to Hollywood blockbusters.


After assessing the store’s signage, layout, sales plans, operations and getting over the initial shock of our newly found fabric addiction, our team at WhirlWind Creative determined the decades old brand was in desperate need of a major marketing makeover – the store needed to catch up to the 21st century in order to reach a newer and younger audience. The brand advancements that WhirlWind Creative has assisted with has made it possible for Mary Jo’s Cloth Store to open its very own sewing center, complete with in house sales of Baby Lock sewing machines, as well as launch a series of monthly sewing classes.

Event Planning and Management

We had a huge task before us, pulling a dated brand back from the brink and translating it to a new generation, but there is nothing the WhirlWinders can’t tackle. It was time for Mary Jo’s Cloth Store to host its first sale since opening its doors in the back of a grocery store. When the time came, the store’s inaugural Girl’s Day Out sales event blew every single expectation out of the water with almost 2,000 customers walking through the front door in just one day. Thanks to a well-planned and well executed social media, PR, and marketing campaign, WhirlWind Creative was able to re-launch Mary Jo’s Cloth Store, and because of that, we are able to continue to actively engage that new audience through those same channels on a daily basis.

Social Media

With over 13,000 likes on Facebook, WhirlWind Creative has helped Mary Jo’s to strengthen their relationship with an already existing fan base, while continuing to reach out to new fans through social media. Mary Jo’s newfound love of everything social has revolutionized the way they handle customer service, community outreach, sales, education and brand identity.



Mary Jo’s next step? Launching a brand new website to revolutionalize their customer shopping experience! WhirlWind Creative is currently designing and developing a website for Mary Jo’s that will assist in giving new life to the store online.

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