Steve Smith Family Foundation

No, it wasn’t a top secret, covert operation, but WhirlWind Creative did team up with Agent 89. Steve Smith and family chose WhirlWind Creative to launch the Steve Smith Family Foundation brand from the ground up. This endeavor wasn’t about Steve Smith, professional NFL wide receiver with a laundry list of accolades; it was about his family and their effort to maximize charitable giving. S2F2 partners with local organizations to help end domestic violence and foster health and fitness in children from low income homes.

The Logo

A logo is more than a name; it’s the single most powerful branding device a company owns. How do you begin to bring a vision to life through a logo? Well, that’s our favorite part! We started by dissecting the foundation’s name and mission to nail down our keywords – that’s what the marketing industry refers to as buzz words. We like to take those buzz words, write them on the conference room wall, buy a six pack and brainstorm. There was one word that was so obvious that it slapped us right across the face. FAMILY. We transformed the word family into a tree with six defining characteristics. These characteristics were designed to represent each member of the family, and what better than the foundation of the tree, or the trunk, to do just that.

Communication Materials

With the foundation’s logo established, we moved on to everything else a successful nonprofit could possibly need from some fly business cards, letterhead and envelopes to sponsorship packets and t-shirt designs. As you can imagine, Steve likes all things “catchy,” and we made sure to do just that! We chose a color palette and gave the foundation a “look” by choosing certain patterns, textures and typography that convey Steve Smith Family Foundation’s core values.

The Website

After branding S2F2, we moved onto developing a custom, responsive website complete with a content management system. Our designers and web developers worked hand in hand to customize the site so that it was able to communicate the foundation’s message effectively, while still providing that necessary wow factor.

Event Planning and Management

Now that the basic branding framework was complete it was time to do some fundraising! In 2014, the Steve Smith Family Foundation launched two flagship events; the Strike Out Domestic Violence Bowling Tournament and the Lace Up Son Family 5K (if you want to hear a good story, ask us how this name came about – there’s a video for that). From hand illustrated event logos and custom promo items to strategic public relations and social media campaigns, the foundation saw huge success in 2014.

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