JP aka Jessica Penney: project manager

With every member of our team, there is an unusual story of how they were hired or why. With Jess, I think her interview process was pretty normal, her days pretty routine but how she came to shine was recently, when I stopped to look around our well oiled machine here. If you ask where any project is in the office and its status, she can tell you in her sleep. What’s crazy is I’m sure there are about 200 at the moment. (Thank you Lord for business!) I think the title “project manager” doesn’t quite cover it. Maybe it should be ‘master of organization’ or ‘butt patter’, maybe ‘guidance counselor’ or ‘problem solver extraordinaire.” Whatever the best term, it’s a fine art to talk web lingo in one of our hallways, relate a clients vision in our conference room, get on a designer’s level in their offices and also review the budget spreadsheets with our marketing guru’s on a project without a glitch.

From the entire team, a big thank you to you Jess for making our lives easier and more organized! And for all those that wonder, yes, this is why she gets to wear jogging pants and flip flops to the office weekly! Don’t let the attire fool ya – there’s a mean, whip-crackin’ machine under there!

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    Thank you,
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    Just for you concierge services.