How to Create the Perfect Social Media Calendar

A social media calendar is an excellent way to ensure engaging content is shared with your audience. But finding content that will entertain and inform your followers can be challenging. It’s time to breathe new life into your social media calendar. Lucky for you, WhirlWind Creative is armed with several resources to help you keep your content fresh.


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Pop Culture Synergy

Linking your content to pop culture can be an effective way to reach your target audience. For example, take readers on a Game of Thrones themed blog post adventure to illustrate lessons in public relations.

Power of Positivity

There is enough negativity in the world, so help your followers with positive content. Associate positivity with your brand by highlighting a recent company event. Or recognize an exceptional employee doing what they do best.

Freebie Friday

Let’s face it – people love free stuff. Sprinkling freebies in with other content can help you engage viewers and further your brand recognition. For example, encourage followers to use a special hashtag to qualify for a giveaway. You are able to reach new networks and increase brand awareness while brightening someone’s day with free goodies.


We live in a curious society, and social media platforms offer outlets for curious minds to discover answers to their questions. Inviting followers to ask questions about your company can help you get a pulse on your target audiences’ interests.


Give your audience something to walk away with. Share a fact about your company’s history or an interesting angle about a trending topic. These are some examples of how to increase your followers’ knowledge and show your authority on relevant topics.

Still struggling to come up with innovative content for your brand’s social media calendar? Contact us today for more inspiration!