Instagram Introduces Draft Feature

While you were out of the office, a lot has happened in the world of social media. Lucky for you WhirlWind Creative is here to fill you in!

Instagram finally rolled out its long-awaited feature: drafts. This feature allows users to save their work mid-post so it can be posted at another time, but with all the edits still there. Before this feature, going backward in the app would discard your edits. Now the option appears to save your post as a draft.

To return to a saved draft, you hit the central “camera” icon to access your library, and you will see all your saved drafts on the bottom of the screen in a section labeled “drafts.”

Instagram Draft Feature

Not only is this useful for the occasional poster, we envision the drafts section being a convenient place to queue up your posts for easy posting over time – especially useful for companies with an Instagram presence.

While it’s a small update, it has been a long time coming in the Instagram community.