Frustrated with printing? We’re here to help.

Have any of these thoughts ever crossed your mind during print projects?

  • I do not have time to find a parking spot, go in that copy shop, stand in line and wait to ‘learn’ how to print my own print project. Ugh!
  • This online form is supposed to make my life easier? What kind of paper? Paper weight? Fold? Ugh… How am I supposed to know this?
  • What type of file did you say I needed again? PDF? JPEG? EPS? What does that even mean?!
  • You’re charging me how much to cut this piece of paper in half?
  • How the heck do I rotate this image, change one word and get this printed in 30 minutes and not break the bank?
  • O. M. Gosh. Does anyone really work there? ‘Press 1 for directions. Press 2 for our website. Press 3 to dial your extension. Press 4 to hopefully get someone on the phone that cares.’
  • I’m not sure exactly what I want. Can I just talk to someone that isn’t here this minute and gone the next, that could LISTEN and do the job already?
  • Is that rush charge even legal?
  • Whatever happened to service with a smile? (Hint: it’s alive and well at WhirlWind Creative’s print shop near Charlotte Motor Speedway in Harrisburg. Shelly, the print guru, can help with it all!)

Then here’s 5 reasons to call Shelly the next time you need printing.

1.  Shelly (aka the Printing Extraordinaire) is always smiling and positive. She’ll probably drop off funny or encouraging quotes with your printing order and she’s always happy to hear from you – no matter what impossible project and deadline you might have! Who doesn’t need some more positive vibes?

2.  No need to get up. You focus on your business, we’ll focus on you. Just give us a call (704-454-5598 and ask for Shelly). We’ll pick up your next project, review your needs with you, send proofs and deliver the final product with a smile at no extra charge to our Harrisburg neighbors.

3.  Do you need something done today to help your business? Have an opportunity you need to act fast on? We get it. Just call us. We pride ourselves on meeting insane challenges and we’ll do our best to help you!

4.  You don’t have to know exactly what you want. Relax and talk to us about your needs and we’ll offer the best solutions. For example, you might not know exactly what you need on that 3-part form for your employees to use in the field, but chances are we’ve done hundreds of them over the years. Together, we’ll create the ultimate tool for your business!

5.  We answer the phone! Ha! Yes, a company that does. Real people. Real time. Call us anytime 704.454.5598 or email us at Shelly responds within the hour or less in most cases. We are open 9 am to 5 pm, Monday-Friday, but we are usually at work early and late so buzz us anytime.

“Shelly always brightens my day. She’s always ready to help. No challenge is too big. She’s always smiling and positive. She always seems to know when to put an inspiring quote on my desk or pin a funny picture or saying on my door. Even when we are all sweating a deadline, she’s cool, calm, focused and yes, you guessed it, still smiling. She was my saving grace on so many projects and deadlines years ago, that when the company she worked for went out of business, I knew I couldn’t do without her, so I hired her! I’m glad she’s apart of our company and she’s doing the same thing for our customers, today.” – Shannon, WhirlWind Creative President 

“I love printing. I love helping customers with their projects and reaching their goals. It makes me happy to make others happy. Give me a call or shoot me an email – I look forward to meeting you and helping you however I can. Make it a great day!” – Shelly, WhirlWind Creative Printing Extraordinaire