7 Reasons To Use Social Media for Customer Service

Savvy businesses are building relationships with customers by providing customer service through social media. There several benefits of using social media as a customer service portal. Here are seven reasons why businesses should use social media platforms instead of the traditional customer service channels.

1. Immediacy

Customers expect resolutions to their issues right away. They don’t want to spend an hour on hold or wait over a week for an email response. Social media platforms provide the ability to respond to consumer questions and concerns right away. This is especially helpful when the issue is time-sensitive.

2. Personal Brand Experience

People want to deal with people, not automated systems and generic email replies. Using social media allows companies to interact with customers in a casual, conversational tone. This interaction provides a positive experience that the consumer will associate with the brand.

3. Transparency

When customers have the opportunity to voice their opinion in a public environment, they feel more in control of the situation. When a company handles the issue, it provides a level of accountability. Followers notice when companies handle issues in a quick and efficient manner. Quick reactions times can help companies gain positive brand recognition.

4. Brand Visibility

Comments on social media platforms, negative and positive, encourages engagement. The more people interact with your brand, the more visible you are.

5. Faster Follow-up

Rather than burdening the customer with an extra round of phone calls or a tedious survey, social media allows for visible exchanges. Those exchanges can lead to a positive conclusion both the customer and the company can see.

6. Hone in on “social butterflies”

The more active users tend to be more sociable. They share more, post often and engage frequently. Positive interaction with these influencers can lead to access to their extended network. Just remember they will share their negatives experiences as well!

7. End the runaround

Avoid generic responses that funnel customers to impersonal (and often frustrating!) 800 numbers. If they wanted to call they would not be Facebook messaging your company. Instead of making the customer jump through hoops, handle their issue on the medium through which they reached out to your company.

If you want to learn more about how to use social media as a customer service tool for your company, we would love to lend you a hand! Contact us today at 704.454.5598.

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