Bad boys, bad boys

What you gonna do when Brad Riley comes for you?

Sheriff Brad Riley has been laying down the law in Cabarrus County for a decade. Sheriff Riley was up for reelection this November and when we were asked to help out with his campaign, the WhirlWind team jumped into action like famous sheriffs in the Old West.

The good Sheriff needed some assistance on the marketing and branding end of his campaign – specifically with social media. After meeting with Brad and his family several times, we got him signed up on Facebook and Twitter so he can interact with and engage citizens of Cabarrus County – to keep them informed about upcoming events, news from his department, his opinion on important topics and, most importantly, to hear the thoughts and concerns citizens may have.

In meeting with Sheriff Riley, we realized how much fun we were going to have working with him on this campaign. That’s because we have a ton in common with him – he was born and raised right here in Cabarrus County, cares a great deal about our community, places a high priority on family and is a diligent worker.

We were ecstatic that Sheriff Riley was successfully re-elected on November 2 and we rest easy knowing that Cabarrus County is safe with Brad Riley in charge!