CCMF’rs Making Dreams Come True

As you probably all know we have been busy for many months getting ready for the Carolina Country Music Festival. At some point a case study of our work would make the most sense for our website, but all I can think about are the experiences other people had at the event. Here is just one of them!

20150605_224804I walked around from back stage to stand still a moment and bask in the fruit of our labor while enjoying Rascal Flatts on stage. As I stood there between the front stage and the crowd in the pit area, I watched this little boy scream and cry with delight over seeing his favorite band on stage! His mom was holding him in the front row so he could see. I know it had to be rough on her to hold him up that high all night but what will a mom not do for her baby? A little ways into the third song and I see a police officer walk over to her and say, “it’s okay – let me have him just a minute.” He lifted the child from her tired arms and put the young man on his shoulders. The officer then walked through the pit over to the front of the stage. I just stood there with tears rolling down my face as I realized he was about to make this little boy’s dream come true.

The little boy was only a few feet from the stage where Rascal Flatts was playing when he realized exactly what was going on. He turned and looked at his mom and smiled the biggest smile I’ve ever seen, screaming, “MOM, LOOK! MOMMA!!!” with his little fist in the air. A quick glance over to his mom and I notice she had both hands up to her face, crying and waving back at him.

20150605_224812Rascal Flatts saw the officer approaching with the boy on his shoulders. They all came over to greet him and play for him, even handing him a guitar pick. The officer came back with the young man to give him to his mom. All of the people in the front row gave him fives and cheered him on as he walked by and the officer placed him back in the arms of his mom.

I don’t think there was a dry eye in the sea of people that watched what had just happened. That little boy was still screaming with happiness and hugging his mom.

Rascal, you’re great, but that show was even better.