Miss M’s Satisfies our Sweet Tooth!

OK, don’t lie – is there really anything in the world better than chocolate?
If you can actually think of something, let us know. In the meantime, if you’re a choc-o-holic like we are, you must – and we mean MUST – try the homemade goodies at Miss M’s Sweets.

Miss M’s is a family owned and operated sweet shop located at Afton Village in Concord. Prior to their opening, WhirlWind worked with Miss M’s on full identity, branding, marketing and PR plans. We helped develop their logo, website, social media and even helped plan their Grand Opening event, which was a smashing success!

We love helping business owners get their company rocking! And, well, we can’t lie, we also enjoyed nibbling on Miss M’s homemade peanut butter cups….and caramels…..and butter crunch……and fudge….and, ok, I think you get the picture.

Be sure to stop by Miss M’s if you’re in Conocrd, or visit them online at!