Viva la Vida!

Let it be known: the WhirlWind Creative team LOVES Mexican food. After plowing through countless amounts of chips, salsa and tortillas over the years, we think it’s safe to say we are connoisseurs. But as many Mexican meals and we have consumed, we have never experienced anything like Vida.

Executive Chef Chris Swinyard calls his creations Evolved Mexican Cuisine, which he describes as traditional Mexican food with a contemporary twist. We call it freaking delicious. Oh, and we haven’t even mentioned the margaritas, which are also freaking delicious. They even have a specialty Skinny Margarita, which weights in at about 100 calories.

When Vida opened its doors at EpiCentre in uptown Charlotte, WhirlWind was tasked with creating a branding and marketing campaign as innovative and exciting as the food, drinks and décor. We went to work developing logos, the website (, menus, taglines, PR, you name it – all of which created a great amount of buzz in the Charlotte dining scene.

Vida is now open – so stay connected at and, then go visit Chris and Sean at Vida! They rock!