How to Enhance your Social Media Presence in the New Year

With the arrival of 2018, social media use continues to grow rapidly and dominate consumers’ daily lives. Time spent on social platforms is sure to increase. Social media platforms are crucial for every business’s online presence, especially if they want a stronger connection with their audience. Here are some helpful tips to gain social media presence in the coming year:

  1. Post Frequency

    The best way to engage your audience is to post on social media frequently and utilize compelling visual content that will draw them in, producing more likes and comments. Nevertheless, don’t post so often that followers become irritated. Most studies show that posting at least once or twice a day is optimal.

  2. 2018 Social Media Trends

    Although the year has just begun, experts are already predicting social media trends that will dominate the market in 2018. Instagram stories are becoming increasingly popular, surpassing views on Snapchat. Businesses can use these stories to their advantage by posting constantly without overwhelming followers and creating a more genuine connection. Through Instagram, companies are also able to track analytics and add a link within stories if they have at least 10,000 followers.

  3. Influencer Marketing

    Another huge component of social media engagement is influencer marketing. Influencers on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube have gained tremendous popularity over the last few years. In the new year, using influencers to promote your brand will increase brand awareness and help you gain customers you otherwise would not have access to.

  4. Interacting With the Audience

    Once your social presence is established, it’s important to have constant interaction with your audience. Aside from posting frequently, interaction with followers should include two-way communication. Followers appreciate when they are acknowledged with likes, replies, and shares. Creating a connection is important to succeeding on social media. Platforms such as Facebook Messenger even allow for direct communication between businesses and consumers. This makes it easier for consumers to ask questions, address complaints, give advice and criticism, and even positive feedback.

Social media’s impact on consumers continues to grow. If companies plan to enhance their marketing strategies, they should look to social platforms to maximize their presence and directly connect with their target audience.

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