Kaylina’s Internship Experience

Being an intern at WhirlWind Creative has truly been an amazing experience. They treat you like a paid employee and give you responsibilities that most internships would not give you.

When I started interning at WhirlWind, I was a little nervous. I was scared that they were just going to give me “grunt” work. However, from day one I was collecting content and posting on social media for their clients. Although the agency is very fast-paced, my internship supervisor always made sure that I was up-to-speed on how to do things and making sure they were done correctly. Even when mistakes were made, they always critiqued me in a way that made me want to push myself harder to limit mistakes. I never once felt inferior to the employees, they made me feel like I was actually a part of the team.

The first major project I did for WhirlWind was helping with on-site social media for one of their clients, which happened to be the largest 3-day country music festival on the east coast. Between standing 10 feet away on stage with famous country stars and collecting sponsor content, I had the most eye-opening experience. I was not only blown away by how intense social media can be sometimes but also how professional and knowledgeable my coworkers were about marketing and making sure attendees were having a great time at the festival. Their knowledge in the marketing/public relations fields made me feel inspired to want to be just like them.

After working at WhirlWind this summer, I believe that I am ready to take on anything. If you asked me 2 months ago, I would have had no idea how to go about creating a client’s social media presence. Now, I am confident in my abilities to help clients and go above and beyond to make sure that they are pleased with my work. Aside from what I have learned, my coworkers at WhirlWind made me feel included in everything that was going on and made sure I got the most experience out of this internship as possible. With the guidance from my supervisor and fellow employees, I can say that I have learned more at WhirlWind than any other internship I have had in the past.

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