One of our beloved clients has just emailed you about a project they MUST have before your weekend starts. Do you:

A) pretend you never saw the email and hope that it really wasn't that important
B) send them an email back asking them if they're serious and tell them it will have to wait
C) tell Shannon and hope she say's "Don't worry, I'll handle it"
D) let the client know you're on top of it and get them what they need

If your answer is anything but D, we want to let you know that is a great place to find a job and wish you happy hunting.

If you did answer D, and were genuine with that response, keep reading.

While the above scenario is far from a regular occurrence at WhirlWind, we pride ourselves on our staff's dedication and passion for their job. We know that if any of our clients did send in a last minute request that was truly urgent, that each of us would be willing to help them out.

WhirlWind is a fast-paced, highly demanding, and incredibly fun place to work. Most companies like to say that they're like one big family; and we're one of them. However, we bring in only the best. If you're up for the challenge and think you have what it takes, submit cover letter, resume (plus design or writing examples if applicable) via email to: No phone calls please.

Current Opportunities:

Senior/Lead Web Developer

Send resumes to: 

Position Description:

The senior developer position is reserved for a developer who is at the top of their game. As the senior developer, you will be taking on the lead role in all web development projects. You will be expected to handle both frontend and backend development, taking design files provided by a member of our design team, extracting the needed design elements, and producing a fully functioning site. You will also be asked to provide assistance to, and review the work of web developers on the team. Also, as the lead developer, you will be expected to maintain knowledge of the latest web standards in order to ensure WhirlWind stays ahead of the curve in the web development field.

Required Skills:

Other Beneficial Skills:

Applicants for this job should have at least 5+ years experience of practical development work, be capable of discussing current web technologies and trends, explain their philosophies/methodologies used in the development process, and be capable of showing examples of their work. Please send desired salary requirements when applying.