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At WhirlWind Creative, we are a family of imaginative thinkers and ambitious go getters ready to lend our passion and enthusiasm to your business. WhirlWind Creative is where creative originality mixes with rabblerousing camaraderie to provide you with the most innovative marketing, web and design techniques available. You make the wish and we’ll bring the wind.

The Difference

Who we are

Who We Aren’t



Shannon Shannon


From: Harrisburg, NC
Fact: I can take apart my '93, 302 straight drive Mustang and put it back together.


Mike Mike

Senior Graphic Designer

From: Concord, NC
Fact: I collect vintage Gibson guitars.


Chris Chris

Senior Web Developer

From: Annandale, NJ
Fact: I can neither confirm nor deny that I spent five years as an under cover CIA operative, where my cover was a Best Buy Geek Squad employee.


Rion Rion

Project Manager

From: Harrisburg, NC
Fact: I chase squirrels.


Candi Candi

Accounting Manager

From: Concord, NC
Fact: I am addicted to extreme couponing! I have a massive stock pile.


Shelly Shelly

Estimating & Sales

From: Los Gatos, CA
Fact: I am addicted to fashion and cooking shows.

We are WhirlWind Creative, nice to meet you!

The Foxhole

Welcome to our crib, the shanty, home sweet home. On a typical day, find a WhirlWinder at the Foxhole – day or night working on website development, drawing on the walls, tracking social media trends… maybe even taking a power nap one of the plush lobby couches or knocking some balls around on the pool table. Stop in and see us!

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