Here’s the scenario:

It’s 4:58 pm on a Friday…

One of our beloved clients has just emailed you about a project they MUST have before your weekend starts. Do you:

A) pretend you never saw the email and hope that it really wasn’t that important
B) send them an email back asking them if they’re serious and tell them it will have to wait
C) tell Shannon and hope she say’s “Don’t worry, I’ll handle it”
D) let the client know you’re on top of it and get them what they need, whatever it takes

If your answer is anything but D, we want to let you know that is a great place to find a job and wish you happy hunting.

If you did answer D, and were genuine with that response, keep reading.

While the above scenario is far from a regular occurrence at WhirlWind, we pride ourselves on our staff’s dedication and passion for their job. We know that if any of our clients did send in a last minute request that was truly urgent, that each of us would be willing to help them out. No hills for climbers!

WhirlWind is a fast-paced, highly demanding, and incredibly fun place to work. However, we bring in only the best. If you’re up for the challenge and think you have what it takes submit a cover letter, resume and samples of your work (for developers, designers and copywriters) to

P.S. This is not corporate America. If you’re looking to pay to park, work in a cube and wear dry clean only clothes everyday, we are not the place for you. 

Current Opportunities:


Job Description:

Responsible for developing and maintaining strategic communications via public relations and social media channels by applying agency principles of operation. This position will focus on creating and implementing successful campaigns to increase lead generation and market share, while ensuring the client’s goals are aligned with social media strategies. The Communications Manager will develop and implement and manage multiple social media accounts for our wide range of clientele. The Communications Manager will have excellent multitasking skills, and possess a creative way of thinking to successfully represent client’s brand through multiple social media channels.


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